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Friday, December 03, 2010

A Challenge from Philip Berrigan

"Christians should have refused to send their young men to war, refused to pay war taxes, and refused to work in defense industries. Christians should have led draft protestors into jail, with bishops and Head Clerks in the vanguard. Christians should have disrupted military bases nonviolently; they should have, with total respect for conscience, encouraged refusal of Vietnam service and even desertion from the military. Christians should have attempted to close down war production and to destroy war machinery as a means of protecting the lives of those who operate it. Christians should have synthesized an economics that would save their countrymen from becoming the commercial rapists of the world. In a word, Christians should have fought with the weapons of their witness to make this nation homes, to force conformity with its Declaration of Independence, its commitment tot he United Nations Charter, its rhetoric about self-determination. But because they have not, honest men deride the Church or courteously ignore it while, more dangerously still, the masters of society favor and commend it." -from A Punishment for Peace, by Philip Berrigan, S.S.J.

Substitute any religion for "Christians" or better yet, substitute "WE" instead. Change "Vietnam" to Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen, Pakistan, or anywhere else on earth. This was written in 1969, and it is still powerful and sorely needed in our world.